August 26, 2010

Patents and Publications

Collecting and predicting capacity information for composite networksThis patent was developed at Clairvoyant Software and it formed the basis for Clairvoyants primary product, the Clairvoyant Resource Manager.  Essentially, this patent describes two major functions:   The collection and compression of highly granular statistical utilization data over long period of time, and the use of that data to help model complex and frequently symbiotic network elements that comprise greater “meta” resources.Read Patent at Google Patents

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Patent Pending for Automated Interactive SMS Service SystemThis patent was developed at OneCommand, and describe a unique method of user interaction with an automated server communicating with the user through SMS messaging.

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Sample Publications
Use of Machine Learning for Behavioral Analysis – Machine Learning has become viewed as a “cure all” for any complex analysis problem.  When used appropriately, the results of Machine Learning can appear magical, but when misused the results can be useless at best and misleading at worst.  This paper describes how to apply machine learning to the complex problem of behavioral analysis in order to identify malicious objects automatically in the most effective way possible.

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Analyzing Switched Networks – This white paper was written during the initial mainstream adoption of switch infrastructure in enterprise networks.  The overall concern during this time was that adoption of switched infrastructure made network analysis irrelevant at best, and impossible at worst.  The purpose of this white paper was to serve as a stop gap measure to put aside customer concerns and provide some initial tools to keep current product relevant.  Development of the paper combined the efforts of all major switch infrastructure manufacturers at the time, and helped drive all of these partners towards including analysis ports and other tools into their equipment, as well as establish a de-facto standard language around the discussion of switched analysis monitoring ports.

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HIPAA and Wireless Networks – Aruba Networks had established that an important target vertical market for their equipment were hospitals and health care.  One of the major initiatives in that market at the time was the adoption and enforcement of HIPAA standards.  HIPAA had many IT organizations in the health care industry naturally concerned, but Aruba had one of the best stories to tell regarding HIPAA compliance.  This paper acted to establish a baseline of understanding for potential customers, and helped position Aruba Networks as a premier solution in that industry.

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