Endorsements (via LinkedIn.com)

FireEye, Inc
Sr. Product Line Manager

“Druce iHarnishs an amazing product manager who works very collaboratively with user experience and the customers in understanding deeply what customer needs are for very complex enterprise products. Based on that he able to give clear definition requirements that then can translate into a truly delightful UX. He revels in building relationships, with sales force of the company that is delighted to bring him to customers, customers that feel heard and thus would grant more in person and over the phone feedback engagements to peer into their daily product use insights.”

Harnish Goradia, VP & Head of User Experience at BAE Systems
worked with Druce at FireEye, Inc.
October 2, 2014

NetScout Systems, Inc

Stephen Smith“It’s been great working with Druce. He is a highly capable product marketeer with excellent attention to detail and a strong subject matter expert. His excellent marketing and product background combined with his broad technical expertise is rivaled only by his great personality which makes working with him a pleasure. Druce would be a great asset to any marketing team. I give my strongest endorsement of him!”

Steven Smith, Sr. Product Marketing Manager
worked with Druce at NetScout Systems Inc, currently Product Marketing at Nimsoft
June 14, 2011

Product Realization in AT&T
Private Contractor

Jason Bush“During my time working with Druce, I saw that with minimal guidance, he was able to quickly understand the complexities of major projects that crossed multiple organizations and keep them moving forward even when roadblocks appeared and the heat was directed at him to deliver. In addition, he patiently provides guidance to others so that they may also come up to speed on areas that he has already mastered which made him a real value-add to the team. I would definitely work with him again.”
Jason Bush, Product Realization Manager, AT&T
worked with Druce at AT&T
February 3, 2011

“I’ve worked with Druce to collaboratively launch a product that I am proud of, and during that time I have come to know Druce as a genuine person, a willing and generous mentor, and a highly intelligent colleague. I appreciate that Druce works creatively to solve the problems as they come up, and there is a refreshing entrepreneurial air to his approach that helps us to maneuver in a world where we’re launching products within constraints of a highly mechanized process.”
Matt Thompson, Product Manager, AT&T
worked with Druce at Private Contractor
June 18, 2010

“I have worked with numerous project managers in my career and Druce is one of the best I have worked with. He has excellent management skills that are only matched by his personal skills. He has the ability to work through problems and issues to resolve them quickly, and does what it takes to get the job done. He has the vision and foresight to see potential problems and risks down the road. Druce strives to be the best and delivers top notch artifacts and documentation. Druce is the type of resource you need on your team to be successful.”
Terry Hubbard, Senior Project Manager Consultant, Starbucks
worked directly with Druce at Private Contractor
December 8, 2008

Sr. Product Manager


“Druce is sincerely one of the great minds in marketing. He is one of those unique individuals who understands both software application and marketing in all of its facets. Druce’s awareness in micro-marketing and other current trends that are truly significant makes him one of a handful of individuals that can be labelled as a current renaissance man. It was honestly an honor to work with him. “
Peter Bachner, Trainer and Consultant, One Command, inc
worked with Druce at OneCommand
September 29, 2008

Product Management Consultant

EdenTree Technologies

Paul Petrick“Druce is not only an great manager, he is an exceptional mentor. It is a rare quality that one’s senior both commands the skills to effectively achieve his own daily tasks AND fosters in others the ability to achieve theirs. Moreover, Druce shows incredible aptitude for understanding the development and business sides of technology products and their development.”
Paul Petrick, Project Manager / System Architect, Edentree Technologies
reported to Druce at EdenTree Technologies, Currently Product Management/Engineering at Apple
September 5, 2007

Director, Product Management

ClearSight Networks

“Druce is an exceptional person both technicially and personally. Druce is a very focused and a detailed oriented product and marketing person. He finds solutions to issues so they never become problems.His deep and wide experience allows him to be successful in product marketing while helping the sales team be successful. He is a frugal and dedicated employee and I would gladly work for or with Druce.”
Tim O’Neill, VP Business Development, ClearSight Networks
worked with Druce at ClearSight Networks
March 8, 2007

CTO, Founder

Clairvoyant Software Inc

“I found Druce to be a very knowledgable and creative technology visionary. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again!”
Jane Divinski, Interim VP, Engineerinfg, Clairvoyant Software, Inc
worked with Druce at Clairvoyant
December 14, 2006
“Druce is on my short list of the most brilliant people I’ve worked with in my 30+ years in this industry. Clairvoyant was founded around a product idea of Druce’s and it was my job there to bring his ideas to fruition. He is able to digest huge amounts of information very quickly and always seems to know where the industry is going and what technologies are available to get there.”
John Hardin, Software Engineer, Clairvoyant Software
reported to Druce at Clairvoyant
October 10, 2006
“We worked together during the challenging early startup phase of Clairvoyant. Druce provided the technical vision for a system to provide significant benefits to the customers, based on his in-depth knowledge of the market. His high energy level and positive attitude helped to keep the team together and moving ahead.”
C L Poda, QA, Clairvoyant
worked with Druce at Clairvoyant
March 14, 2006

Chief Technologist

Network General

“Druce is a true professional, when working with him, I found him to be extremely knowledgeable in protocol analysis as well as adept at listening and preparing a solution that fit the client’s needs. He is looked up to by his peers both in his region as well as other regions and is also looked to as an innovator by the developer community. I look forward to my continued friendship with Druce and hope to be able to work with him again in some future position.”
Scott Hamilton, Systems Engineer for OR, UT, ID, AK, Network General
worked with Druce at Network General
November 8, 2007
“Druce is a very talented technologist who is ahead of the market. He has great insight and a great feel and understanding for customer requirements. I was proud to work with Druce and enjoy knowing him as an individual and a major contributor on my team.”
Marcy Clapp, District sales manager, network general
managed Druce at Network General
May 17, 2007