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July 6, 2017

Lessons Learned from Petya and WannaCry Ransomware

On May 12th, 2017, the first case of WannaCry ransomware was discovered and within a day, over 230,000 machines were estimated to have been infected in more than 150 countries.  The scale and speed of this attack left the industry stunned, but ransomware is not a new phenomenon.  Ransomware has existed in one form or another for fifteen years, and to date more than 350,000 different ransomware variants have been identified.  There are some fundamental differences in the way that WannaCry and Petya operate that make the spread of this variant more rapid and therefor dangerous than other variants before it.


May 2, 2017

Bricata Adds Two More Veteran Cyber Security Executives to Roster

Bricata, LLC, a developer of network intrusion detection and prevention solutions, announced today it has added two more veteran cyber security executives to its leadership team. Druce MacFarlane joins as vice president of Products and Marketing, while Randy Fallis joins as vice president of Sales and Customer Strategy. The two new executives add more depth to an existing management team with an impressive track record for solving complex problems in the cyber security space.


August 3, 2016

Preparing your enterprise for ransomware, and why many existing network security tools are useless

While Ransomware has received a great deal of press in the last year, ransomware has existed in one form or another for at least fifteen years. Long before the February 2016 incident at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center (HPMC), early samples of malware, such as the AIDs trojan, were compromising systems as early as 1989. Since then, more than 350,000 different variants of ransomware have been identified. The introduction of new technologies such as Bitcoin and the prevalence of encryption tools have made the development of ransomware simpler and more profitable.

June 8, 2016

The MySpace hack, how it was predicted by LinkedIn, and how it impacted Mark Zuckerberg

On June 1st, Time announced that its MySpace social network had been compromised, and that account information for hundreds of millions of MySpace users with accounts created prior to June 2013 had been leaked.  With the rise of networks like Facebook in recent years, MySpace has experienced decreasing relevance as time has gone by. This has resulted in this news being viewed as a point of amusement more than significant issue.  However, there is a more significant issue created by this breach, and is one of the more fundamental and common security problems users of Internet services face.  Luckily, it is one that is easy to remedy at the sacrifice of a little convenience.  To explain this, I will begin with a cautionary tale. One that begins on Super Bowl Sunday, February 6th, 2011.


May 26, 2016

Benefits of Machine Learning with Behavioral Analysis in Detection of Advanced Persistent Threats

Behavioral Analysis has proven to be a more effective way to identify new and never previously identified samples of malware and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).  In many ways, the pursuit of behavioral analysis may only provide short-lived relief for the APT problem. Machine Learning may provide the answer, but only if it is used correctly and effectively.  Read more below


May 14, 2016

Cyphort named Enterprise Security Solution of the Year by SC Magazine

Santa Clara, CA: March 7, 2016 – Cyphort, the next generation Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) defense company, announced today that Cyphort’s Advanced Threat Defense Platform won the Excellence Award for ‘Best Enterprise Security Solution’ at the SC Awards 2016. The award was presented during the 19th annual SC Awards Gala on Tuesday, March 1, 2016 and comes on the heels of Cyphort receiving the “Rookie Security Company of the Year” honor at the SC Awards gala in 2015.


December 28, 2015

Cyphort named in Top 10 Hottest Cybersecurity Startups of 2015

Forbes named Cyphort in their Top 10 Hottest CyberSecurity Startup list. Cyphort sits alongside other cybersecurity heavy weights like Cylance, CrowdStrike, Illumio and AlienVault.  From the Article: “Our list captures the most in-demand startups, the ones for which investors had the highest hopes…”  We are happy to be included in such good company.  Click HERE to read the full article, and view Forbe’s gallery.

April 28, 2015

SC Magazine Names Cyphort Rookie Security Company of the Year 2015

“Winning an Excellence Award is no small accomplishment,” said Illena Armstrong, vice president, editorial, SC Magazine. “This award is presented to the best the IT security industry has to offer. Cyphort has demonstrated its commitment to improving the industry as a whole and is very deserving of this recognition.”
I couldn’t have said it better myself.
March 17, 2015

The Psychology of the $17K Apple Watch Edition

On April 8th, Apple officially launched its line of smart watches, originally unveiled late last year.  The following week was filled with media speculation as to why Apple had introduced such a high-end device when it was clear that such technology has a very limited shelf life.  There have been endless editorials describing how, for the select “elite few”, dropping this kind of money on a device would not be a concern, but then questioning how Apple could hope to profit from addressing such a limited market.  How great could this market be?  Is it worth addressing, simply to have it “seen being worn by the right people?”  I think not.  In fact, I think that the Apple Watch Edition serves a far more important purpose; a purpose that Apple would even be prepared to take a loss on the development in order to achieve.  If I am correct, the $15-17,000 price tag is the most important feature, not a drawback.