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March 17, 2015

The Psychology of the $17K Apple Watch Edition

On April 8th, Apple officially launched its line of smart watches, originally unveiled late last year.  The following week was filled with media speculation as to why Apple had introduced such a high-end device when it was clear that such technology has a very limited shelf life.  There have been endless editorials describing how, for the select “elite few”, dropping this kind of money on a device would not be a concern, but then questioning how Apple could hope to profit from addressing such a limited market.  How great could this market be?  Is it worth addressing, simply to have it “seen being worn by the right people?”  I think not.  In fact, I think that the Apple Watch Edition serves a far more important purpose; a purpose that Apple would even be prepared to take a loss on the development in order to achieve.  If I am correct, the $15-17,000 price tag is the most important feature, not a drawback.