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October 7, 2010

Encrypted Mobile Voice goes live on AT&T

AT&T announced its Encrypted Mobile Voice product line, combining AT&T service with a “TrustChip” provided by KoolSpan and OneVault Voice software provided by SRA providing premier two factor authentication for encrypted voice calls.  Links to more detailed articles after the break


August 31, 2010

AT&T WIC Pager Lauches

The AT&T WIC Pager launch was a successful business development relationship between AT&T and Wallace Wireless, allowing AT&T to provide increased value to its Blackberry offerings as well as associated voice and data rate plans.  Wallace Wireless benefited by having an unparalleled American domestic sales force bringing their product to market.  This partnership not only improved customer “stickiness” for its Blackberry installed base, and helped to attract new users from other carriers, but also helped to provide incremental sales from conversion of the existing seven million legacy pager users in the United States.

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Video describing how WIC Pager works in Health Care

August 31, 2010

PreferenceManager Empowers Users to Manage Communications

OneCommand Lauched Preference Manager, a new web-based service that allows users to not only opt in or opt out of communications such as email and voice campaigns, but also to specify categories of communications that they would be interested in receiving.  Before Preference Manager, users were given an “all in” or “all out” option when it came to marketing campaigns.  With PreferenceManager, users could opt out of sales marketing campaigns, for example, while staying opted into important correspondence regarding product updates and other vital information.